Friends of Pacific Ferries

At Pacific Ferries we are always moving forward.

Today our Web Monkey is working on building a mailing list service to better serve our customers with timely news updates, important service announcements, and perhaps even the occasional special sales offer.

The most likely reason why you are receiving this notification is because somehow we already have your email address, but we did not want to sign people up to our mailing list without them knowing about it. So we are sending out this notification to let you decide for yourself if you would like to sign up or not.

Or perhaps you found this announcement by other, shall we say, more nefarious means. Either way we're glad to have you aboard.  

We promise that we will never spam, sell, trade, barter, or abuse your email address in any way, and you can cancel this service at any time. 

To sign up just fill out the form, and click Subscribe. 

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